How to register to the Wiki?

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Greetings, OpenMandriva community! I am a new member here & just created an account this day. Thanks to all the developers for this awesome experience I had with my OpenMandriva laptop today. To proceed…

  1. On Get Involved, under Writing section, clicking documentation link there does not open any registration nor guide to contribute to the Wiki or documentation. How to solve this issue?

  1. On the wiki, same link leads to same issue.

  2. How to create an account in the new Wiki?

Please help me and apologize for inconvenience from me. Thank you very much. Wish you all health and wealth!



Welcome @gnumax to our forum.

I will make sure @raphael and @rugyada are of aware of this problem.


Thanks for your kind help, @ben79. I will wait.

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Hello @gnumax welcome to OpenMandriva.

Thanks for your interest.

Well, we want the current wiki basically more an institutional documentation.

We did put indescribable amount of efforts on its construction and setup to make it as is today.
After some failed experiences with trying hard to keep the old instances (yep, more than one) of OpenMandriva mediawiki tidy and clean, that is useful and profitable for the users, but that at the end they became fatefully impossible to manage or to fix.
So we need some sort of control on the content published.

It’s hosted on github here GitHub - OpenMandrivaSoftware/wiki
Any help is very welcome and appreciated by mean of pull requests.

Nonetheless there may be also different way to contribute, depending on the content you wish to share. Feel free to ask any question if any need.



Hi @gnumax and thanks @ben79 for pinging me for this topic.
@ruru almost told everything about it,

It’s not written yet, I’ll fix it, but you can suggest any change by making a pull request (for English pages only) in Github.
Translations are managed with transifex here ( ) Italian being an exception as it was already here at the beginning.

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