How to install OM Lx 3 Beta

What with ABF down and many testers reporting that they can’t install latest OM Lx 3 Beta thought I’d do this.

Using Robert Xu’s nightly builds here I used 20151025.iso on hardware and 20141027.iso in VirtualBox. Here’s hoping this is helpful.

  1. Boot in to Live

  2. When you get to black screen enter virtual console and login as ‘root’

  3. Run as root ‘finish-install’

  4. To start desktop run ‘service sddm start’.

  5. When you get to desktop there will be no menu panel so right click mouse and select ‘Add Panel>Default Panel’ or whatever panel you prefer.

  6. Open Konsole, and type ‘su’ to become root.

  7. Type ‘export $(dbus-launch)’ without the '.

  8. Type ‘kwrite /usr/lib64/calamares/modules/services/’ again without the '. That will open the file a root so you can edit it.

  9. In kwrite go to ‘View’ and select ‘Show line numbers’.

  10. Now comment out (#)lines 29, 55, and 56.

  11. Save the edited file and quit kwrite.

  12. Still in Konsole as root type ‘calamares -d’ and installer will startup.

This will install the latest packages, bug fixes, and working power management as of the .iso date.

Edit: 11/08/15 edited to add ‘finish-install’ and refine how desktop starts.

So let’s do some installing, bug reporting, and bug squashing. Bear in mind that with ABF down some bug fixes can’t be implemented until it is back up.


Thanks for the tips, Ben.
Personally, I tried with the build 13283.
I reduced the steps 2 -> 10 as:

  • login as root
  • lauch ‘mc’
  • edit ‘/usr/lib64/calamares/modules/services/’, save and quit
  • type ‘export DISPLAY=:0’
  • launch ‘calamares -d’

However, with this build I got no success:
– one medium sized black rectangle hides a part of the screen
– after having provided the account and partitions details, the sceen becomes gray and the instll doesn’t start. It sucks during the formating step. The partitions are not set.
I will try with the last Robert’s iso (20151027.iso)

I tried with build 13283 in VirtualBox and it would not create partition setup. That’s why I then tried
Robert’s nightly build which does work for me.

Great how-to Ben :thumbsup:
I provided Italian translation.

Kool. :grinning:

Colin Close has provided this:

which for me runs live and installs without the above steps.

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Unfortunately I’ve found that installing from this .iso (Colin’s .iso) results in PowerManagement (PowerDevil?) not working. So recommending to install from Robert’s nightly .iso’s with steps posted above.