How to configure --auto-orphan

This is the problem. --auto-orphans want to remove
kernel-nrjQL-desktop-devel-4.1.12-1omv-1-1-omv2014.0.x86_64. I don’t
want that package removed. How do I configure --auto-orphans so this
package is not removed?

Moderator help! I sent this post via e-mail and it ended up in this thread? Seems like it should be a new thread in English>Support to me… Wonder if there is a way I could have done this better via e-mail?

urpmi kernel-nrjQL-desktop-devel-4.1.12 this command do nothing but with it kernel-nrjQL-desktop-devel will be removed from orphans list

The package is in ‘/var/lib/rpm/installed-through-deps.list’ yet
‘–auto-orphans’ still wants to remove it. That seems wrong???

Ben Bullard

The normal way is to send a email to the category (here:
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Subject: How to configure --auto-orphan

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Unfortunately no it results in urpmi saying ‘no such package exists’ even though package is installed. I think this is because package is no longer in repo.

There is a way to do this which is to remove package from ‘/var/lib/rpm/installed-through-deps.list’.