How to add gnome-desktop?

(lars martin) #1

How to install gnome desktop on LX 4.0? i did want to test it.


I guess dnf install task-gnome may works.

(lars martin) #3

But did you tested it? Its look like gnome did not works tryed x.cofig\xorg somelike but its go back to login.

Only that works is gnome remmina kiosk … but that is very poor GUI layout like mate issue i have before.


No I haven’t had the time until now :frowning: . I hoe I’ll do in next days.


GNOME is broken. Most packages from GNOME recently I updated from 3.18 to 3.28, then to 3.30 and now to 3.32. However, GNOME still does not work correctly. The applications work, but the deskop environment itself does not start.
Starting gnome x or wayland from sddm causes the black screen to appear for a few seconds and then the system returns to SDDM again.
Staring gdm causes the cursor to appear for a few moments and then black screen appear.
Journalctl show only this “unrecoverable failure in required component gnome”.
I have no ideas how to fix it. GDB did not tell me anything.


I got this when i try to use gdm. It is like some dependencies are missing.

gnome-shell[4537]: JS ERROR: Error: Requiring Clutter, version 4: Typelib file for namespace 'Json', version '1.0' not found
gnome-shell[4537]: Execution of main.js threw exception: Script <main> threw an exception