How to add a new package into cooker


How can I add a new package into cooker?

I am trying to build latest version of scilab in cooker. In order to get updated version of some dependencies, I had to add some new packages into cooker. I guess I had to publish them info cooker/contrib but, as I can see, they are been published into openmandirva_personal/main instead, so I guess I missed something when I added the new project info ABF. Moreover I can’t modify the project any more.

Looking forward to download the new scilab, be it from cooker or OMV LX 3.03…


First please merge all you working project into OpenMandriva github repositories.
Then each abf project like jctools you need to add to a specific platform and repository.

In ABF go to cooker/repositories/contrib/manage_projects and add “openmandriva/” projects that are needed for scilab. I’ve already added openmandriva/jctools to cooker/contrib.

That is all I need to know.
Thank you.

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