How run session with Wayland?


I just see that OpenMandriva 3.01 support Wayland but I not see it on login screen (like in Fedora 25).
So anyone can tell me how loging into Wayland on OpenMandriva?

First full disclosure: I’m no expert on Wayland and have so far never seen it working well on my computers. My computers all have some version of Intel graphics so that may be a problem? (Or I’m not doing it right… :persevere: )

Question: Where are you seeing this? In release notes I see:


We are working on many new and interesting shells using new display technology based on Wayland 1.12.0 version.

For now Weston and KDE Plasma 5 are working out of box. KDE Plasma 5 running on wayland is still experimental and not recommended for daily use."

If by ‘supported’ you mean “We are working on” and “still experimental and not recommended for daily use” OK then. Just be sure you understand this. :worried:

Weston isn’t installed by default so you’ll need to install it. To access Plasma 5 running on wayland go to sddm login screen and look in lower left hand corner. As said above it doesn’t work well on my computers, hope it works better on yours. :pensive:

And by all means please let us know how it does work for you and how it compares to Fedora 25 and any other you may have tried. :grin: