How many we are?

Rxu and Tpg are still part of the band?

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If you want to ask them you should ping them with @name such as @luca :slight_smile:

Also your answer or from a council member goes well.
Is there something that the community needs to know?

for @robxu9 I do not know, but for @TPG say yes and no currently.

Imagine what must think someone’s expense private time late into the night and sees his work declined in 2 days for reasons not very convincing. especially as this is published denied iso still a few days later. All this is rather inconsistent and I understand very well that tpg want to step back.
So now what is the situation? well it’s simple, nothing gets done, there are a few bugs resolved but not to the future without someone who daily do evolve distribution.
Please show your support to TPG and maybe he reverse his decision.
please Mister President @Colin changing the procedure for go / nogo, (I made a proposal here) and ask that they stop publishing in the mailing list without confirmation bugs in Bugzilla.
as such, the lx3 is widely used, it would be a shame that no load can be improved.

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those who run away without comparison is always wrong
and it proves unreliable
so if @tpg slammed the door who cares

I think oma should in all cases update of the new situation the community
the last two TC meetings were “mystics” :wink:

it was not easy situation, and imo possible new approaches should be discussed. @TPG has an idea of how that could be and I hope he will present those on one of upcoming TCs.
I think all do care - and surely if he left, he would have announced.

Sometimes people just need time - let’s not make conclusions for him

Well I do, and I’m certainly not the only one: he’s one of the greatest OMA contributors and leader, I hope you are wrong Luca
And furthermore he is a really nice, smart and funny guy :slight_smile: I really appreciate him being in the team

Yes, but what went wrong to cause this reaction? A QA team NOGO?
Life is full of NOGO.
Anyway thanks Kate for your answer.

just because I’m convinced about that I do not understand the reaction and I hope I am wrong too.