How did videolan and blueray works?

Hi did someone know how its play blueray from videolan? because i tested
how to play blueray

But find out that is outdated, so how can i do its more easy?
I found it works to go to steam folder DVD_VIDEO_RECORDER/BDAV/STREAM/
its a way to open files, if it not encrypted. But its did look videolan did not add this folder automatically.
So its way to get this works with menu?

@AngryPenguin and some others here would know this far better than me. My understanding is playing BluRays in Linux is tricky. As far as I know on OM Lx 4.0 x86_64 install these:

$ sudo dnf install lib64bluray2 libbluray-java lib64aacs0

and VLC will play some bluray disks. But I’ve not done this myself.

Note: libbluray-java appears to depend on java-1.8.0-openjdk. That is rather out or date. This package may need to be updated for java dependency? Will this work with java-12?

lib64aacs0 file not found.

$ dnf search lib64aacs0
OpenMandriva Cooker - x86_64 - non-free                                                                                                                      130 kB/s | 161 kB     00:01    
OpenMandriva Cooker - x86_64 - Restricted                                                                                                                    115 kB/s | 141 kB     00:01    
OpenMandriva Cooker - x86_64 - Unsupported                                                                                                                   3.6 MB/s |  11 MB     00:03    
OpenMandriva Cooker - x86_64                                                                                                                                 4.3 MB/s |  14 MB     00:03    
============================================================================= Name Exactly Matched: lib64aacs0 ==============================================================================
lib64aacs0.x86_64 : implementation of the libaacs standard

It is in unsupported repository.

Even if you install those keep in mind that I don’t even own a bluray and don’t know if this works at all but my guess is it will only work for some blurays at best.

But did you know if videolan\ and other movie codec need nvidia\amd or intel drivers to works? Because some new blueray disk use DRM or HDCP 2.2 or later?

But may think videolan forum may be better to get help with codec.
In windows 10 use powerDVD or Windvd that is more easy, but that is to old for linux.