Homework for QA-Team (Read up on Github Issues)

There is discussion about switching our bug reporting from Bugzilla to Github. Anyone on the QA-Team or participating with QA should read that thread. Some or most in the Development Community are in favor and even excited about making this change. But they are currently the only people all that familiar with Github.

This issue has not yet been decided, except that in the near term we continue with Bugzilla for user level bug reports while QA-Team and others discuss and decide this. But as this very much affects QA-Team I want to encourage anyone who has time to do a little reading and get a sense of how this could work in OpenMandriva. This will help us all to make the best decision for OpenMandriva.




I’m not advocating any view point here. I have not read the above articles yet myself, but they are on my To-Read list. I don’t even know for sure these are the best articles for us to be reading so if anyone has better suggestions please post them here.

I am advocating that we all inform ourselves so as to approach this issue and decision with knowledge rather than prejudice.

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Any discussion about this should go here.


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