Help with preformatted text

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@sirius In fact it’s rounded by two <code> tags, but in discourse it’s better to use the “pre formatted text” button at the top, which can be used either inside a sentence, as you can see in this example :) see the smile not formatted and <module> displayed, or in a full paragraph:

As you
can see 
an example
here :)

Thanks !

I’ll try it next time !

And, as said in the reply window, use can use markdown, bbcode or html tags.

  • Html:


without lightblue background

  • Markdown:
use `



lightblue background limited to the word/sentence boundaries

  • Bbcode:
use [code]




lightblue background extended to all the line

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One question:
In the “markdown” option, what symbol is used? a reverse accent?
I ask it because I tried (when trying to post the original message) with apostrophes and it didn’t worked.

Yes it’s indeed the reverse accent aka grave accent aka reverse apostrophe aka backquote aka backtick… :stuck_out_tongue: