Help with my wireless

EHLO there

I have installed OM3.0.1 and well, besides a lot of bugs which were related to plasma which were minors and can pass, my wireless is not working. I am using draknetcenter to connect but it fails, with KDE plasma could connected once,(I was lucky eh ?). Now I am unable to connect to my wireless, not even using the command wpa_supplicant, which I assume have to do with security.

My computer is an x32 ASUS X44 series with 4Gm of ram , I am using OMV 3.0.1 installed from a pen drive.


Lx 3 doesn’t use draknetcenter any longer. It is using networkmanager. There should be an icon for it in systemtray. There select your connection, enter password, deal with KDE Wallet and it should connect.

Not even the networkmanager works well, but I managed myself to put draknetcenter working, I have to kill a wpa_supplicant process launched by I guess networkmanager and then I am able to connect.

The sound is disabled by some reason on plasma, but work fine on tty. Any suggestion?.

You can disable wpa_supp… in the module conf file. What do you mean about the sound not working? That is normally a different driver module.

Could you please start a separate thread for this issue. Other wise the solution to a sound problem is buried in a thread about wireless and other users can’t find.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Just noticed how old this thread is. I’m sure @emel_punk will let us know if either issue is still in play.