Help needed with package approval process aka: Kahinah

We need more people and hardware testing and voting on new packages. To get started set up an account here and follow the steps or ask questions at:


on Freenode IRC or ask questions in this forum thread.

Please could you add a direct login at Kahinah? I have some troubles here with github web interface; I guess they drop compatibility with the version of FF actually in in 2014.x.

It may take a while as the maintainer is on holiday. Have you tried chromium?

I haven’t … maybe I’ll wait :wink:

Well I’m frustrated about this.

This is an issue where the Community either steps up and people volunteer to help. Or the Community can continue to watch issues with package updates causing users problems. It is that simple.

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@ben79 don’t feel so. Actually I’m really busy in packaging some programs I absolutely need on 3.0 so in any case the time I could spend in testing is very few.