Help needed! Test Mesa build with Clang8


As you know due to some problems with Clang7, Mesa on x64 was recently compiled with GCC.
Usage Mesa compiled with Clang caused a black screen on old systems like AMD CPU from Athlon II / Phenom II era and some Intel too (machines without AVX instruction). More info here:

It seems that the upgrade of Clang to version 8 has fixed this problem.
That’s it for me. The update has fixed this. But you have to confirm it.

That’s why I am asking all people who have older equipment to test the new Mesa package.
Especially people who confirmed the occurrence of this issue earlier as: @christopher_tanner @Colin @luca

You can download test mesa release from here
Add repository:
dnf config-manager --add-repo=
and run update
dnf clean all && dnf update --nogpgcheck


Hi AngryPenguin

I tried it your test mesa release on both a newish machine and an old one and it worked on both.


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