Heads up on latest spin ISO's

By now a lot of you know about the spins with latest packages done on Sunday’s and available here.

For me the most recent ones that built don’t work because they don’t boot. Those would be ISO’s 1944, and 1939. The most recent one that works is ISO 1915 which unfortunately is no longer on that page. There is an ISO 1725 which probably does work but would be quite old (January 15).

I also notice that the ISO’s that don’t boot have an unusual partition I’ve not seen before called “OPENMDVASS”. See screen shot (screen shot is of ISO 1939):

The current situation is that ISO’s at that location either don’t work or are old. I wish someone could bring ISO 1915 back for our users.

Note: The working ISO also has “OPENMDVASS” and the screen shot of it in KDE Partition Manager is similar so that does not appear to be why ISO’s 1939 and 1944 don’t boot.


FWIW: I always check the size of any ISO file I download and check all checksums before burning to USB stick or using in VBox.

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Correct :+1:

Same here, and checksums were ok.

FWIW, if devs are happy to receive any feedback (in case of not working/not booting aso) on built ISOs, I guess we will be happy to give them some report.

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