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As LX 4.0, still Lx 4.1 doesn’t work properly with an HDMI connected TV monitor.
Further, Graphic server experiences problems when TV monitor being connected, at the moment xrandr -q command is typed:
wallpaper background get disabled, PC monitor becomes dark, and the application bar vanishes and is no longer available. No Digital HDMI sound is available in the mixer device.
Need suggestion (maybe Ben…?)

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For me this is working in OM Lx 4.1 better and different that it did in Lx 4.0.

With this same hardware used when we last discussed this issue:

I plug in same Vizio TV with hdmi cable just as I did last we talked about this and I get this:

From that screen you can set how you want the added monitor to work.

If you need more permanent access to the display configuration there is a system tray “Display Configuration” applet:

Works with this AMD graphics hardware also:

So why did this start working for me in OM Lx 4.1? I do not know. My guess is upstream changes in something in KDE. Edit: But if this does not work for @alangea or other users then we’ll need to try again for OM developer help or figure out where to file an upstream bug report.

I’m not an expert on how this stuff should work. But my brain says connecting a TV as monitor is just that and that only. It does not seem likely that it would also connect audio. My guess is hdmi audio would require a separate connection. But I could be wrong. Truth is I don’t know how to get hcmi audio from a computer to a TV or if the hdmi cable would do this. Edit: A dev just told me you can change this in Audio settings in SystemSettings. I have not tried this yet myself.

Edit: Also this time around I haven’t bothered with xrandr or other cli commands because when I plugged in TV’s they just worked.

I succeed into see both monitors, with audio too (simultaneous output to GF108 High definition…) but the video and screen settings are somewhat tricky, at least in my case. I ought to set the PC monitor as principal and to readdress the TV monitor settings as a reply of PC monitor.
Yet, problems arise with the automatic login to user account. I set it to my username but each time the general mask appears: even I save to the automatic login appearently it isn’t memorized. Infact, when a go again in the system settings, the automatic login is not set. I’m not sure that is connected with the question of the double monitor, as it still gives this problem without the HDMI connection, but the anomaly arose when I connected the HDMI cable fort he first time. May I manually modify any file to save the automatic login ?
Sometimes, not rarely, it also occurs that I simply don’t succeed into login, and always appears the general login mask, as something went wrong into catching my user profile, or xguest’s one.
As well, I installed system fresh.

Something I just noticed. There is a system tray applet for display configuration.

This is disabled by default. Anyone that wishes to use different/multiple monitors, like laptop and tv, should enable this. The default setting is Auto. (I have no idea how this works or if it works with more than 2 monitors.)

So when this is enabled the dialog window to select which monitor or to unify monitors should display when you plug in tv or second monitor.

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I cant’ find the screenshot you showed…maybe rugyada could give a hint…![Screenshot_20200223_155010|690x388](upload://dx8Vc0VPNJsgAp26YccfTbdXjhn.png)

Seems OK, now, two monitor and audio.
Still a problem with the automatic login: doesn’t memorizes in configuration system tool. I set it up, but doesn’t work, and when rebooting, the login mask always appears. Maybe this problem could be migrated on another thread.
Thank to all and in particular to Ben for the help.

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