Having problems with launcher favourites

having problems with any ( every ) plasma launcher favourites … can not
remove or add icons to the launcher-favourites menu.

If I try nothing happens, still after a reboot the icons appear or disappear
accordingly to what I have tried before the relaunch.
Running plasma X11, ROME, someone any idea ? thx in advance …

[ so far I have tried removing .config and .local directories also creating a new user ]

It’s driving me crazy since ages…
You may want to add a comment at GH issue and confirm.

There is a workaround:

  1. Make the additions/subtractions you want.
  2. Switch to an alternative desktop.
  3. Switch back.
  4. Arrange the icons in preferred order.


  1. Be happy if this gets fixed soon but do not expect that to happen.

I am not positive but I think this will happen whenever Plasma desktop package stack is upgraded and we get to do it again.

Nope, won’t happen.


sorry I just found the solution, for me at least,
got tiled menu,
which works just fine.

Sorry I did not come up earlier with that idea,
usually I get tilled menu stright away,
but for some unclear reason was fighting with kicker.

Sorry, again stupid from me happy now :grinning:
thanks for your input, good to know it wasn’t me

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From here.

If a bug remains in NEEDSINFO for another 15 days with no comment, it will be closed as RESOLVED > WORKSFORME.

The bug at KDE was never confirmed and no one there could reproduce it. That could indicate this is not an upstream issue.