Ham Radio Software

Can you add some of ham radio software like:
cqrlog, xlog, klog and tqsl
to the default repo?
I’m amatour radio operator and this softwae is must have for me.


at least klog and xlog are available in unsupported repository.
Just use repo-picker activate them. If some of the tools is not working you might want to nudge the respective maintainer by opening a bug report.

Hope that helps!

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i see xlog but and it’s exelent log software but i use always cqrlog witch tqsl …so please understand me.

I do not know if importing this package is possible at this moment. Package cqrlog to build require fpc, while fpc is broken currently and so probably will be until someone who knows the FPC does not decide to fix it. :worried:

In the meantime, you can try to use pre-build tarball - a package already compiled, which should work on most of the distribution.
Just download it, unpack and run binary. Download below.