Guitar Wallpapers

new wallpapers with guitar themes .

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Just a detail: open - mandriva is a no-no :wink:

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Can you make some with ukuleles? :smile:

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What no bagpipe wallpapers? Now accordion wallpapers?

Lack of diversity. We need a wallpaper with a bagpiper and an accordion player on nitrogen. How? I don’t know how I’m not an artist. I’m a Linux monkey.


For the Jazz Master Raphael a Ukulele …!!!

I like Zydico , so I might do an accordion with a wash board for Ben :smile:


Thank you :hugs:

Well! I’ll just be hornswahggled. So I open “Configure your desktop” today and then “Get new wallpapers” and lo I find this:

And then if you type “OpenMandriva” in the search box there is more like:

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looks like " wicked 2 and refreshing Openmandriva " :wink:

this is plasma cloud , it’s all about ( atmosphere ) lol :laughing: