Generate an iso bootable image

I unpacked the iso image of lx 4.2 and customized it in a chroot environment but a have problems generating the final iso similar as the one of lx4.2. Please some one help me with the command to tape cause cause i’m confused by topics related to it such as floppy emulation boot, no emulation boot and hard disk emulation boot.

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Welcome @vinci_lyonn to OpenMandriva and our forum.

The best and fastest way to get help from our OpenMandriva developers is to contact them on IRC. You can find directions here. Or go to #openmandriva-cooker @ Freenode IRC. We are a small group so be patient, normally someone will answer when they see a users question.

Apologies for not responding sooner but this forum was down for some technical issue and the Infra person was not available for a few days.

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