This is a topic on which any help is welcome. I’m not sure what is left to be done to be fully compliant with GDPR.

For now we have a good TOS page (I say good because I took it from Framasoft, which is certainly very aware of privacy respect)

I have unchecked the “keep user details after anonymization” in Discourse (which is the only GDPR related option in discourse:

Do you see things we should improve?

The only thing I’d change is the header image which every time I open that page looks to me like a scaring snake or a baby Alien :grin:

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Oh, sure :p. What image would you suggest? (just change the attached image to update it)

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I think for:


    The Association
    Legal notice

could be fine the light-almost-abstract general

Well, The Association (About) has some flowers and I like it as well. Just please replace the baby alien everywhere. Thank you sooooo much :stuck_out_tongue:

/communty-pods/ gives a 404 error (not sure why)

It seems sufficient to me.

We could add something about EU area users like the point 5 of the transifex policy. Of course, we don’t have to take all the chapter …

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I’ll read this policy this evening.