FYI - Resigning from wiki content maintainance

The present is a clarifying communication not subject to discussion.

It happened that we had a pvt chat discussion with Ben79 and Raphael
(logged-in also Bero but not sure he did read everything or paid much
attention) where Ben complained about the fact that only Raphael and
me have write access to the wiki pages so he requested to allow other
users to contribute.

What follows are indisputable facts:

  • The old instances of OM wiki (more than one) have deteriorated over
    the time: pages created and not kept up to date, wrong informations,
    obsolete informations, general confusion, different style of content,
    clutter, neglect, etc. etc. (just a few examples).

  • The above led us to forcefully decide to start again a new instance
    of wiki from scratch, using a different tool. After some tests we
    chose wiki.js.
    With “we” I mean Raphael and me. Raphael took care of the software
    installation and the technical part, I decided the basic content from
    which to start, with his help too.

  • We also agreed that instead of a wiki we rather needed more a tool
    for official documentation.
    In fact we also considered some available tools, similar to the one
    used by
    I acknowledge that keep speaking of ‘wiki’, keeping the word ‘wiki’
    instead of maybe ‘Documentation’ was a mistake. Sorry for not having
    foreseen the detail, my fault.

  • I have drawn some guidelines for content and form:
    Tags | OpenMandriva wiki in order to find consistency
    throughout all the wiki.

  • I wrote and published 99% of the pages in English, and 100% of the
    pages in Italian (some Italian translations were kindly provided
    una-tantum by an Italian user).

  • I like and advocate things neat and tidy so that they can be enjoyed
    by a wide audience, so I followed this basic rule.

  • Since the beginning until now, NOBODY complained about anything
    (content or style).
    There have been times when I asked for a little help: sometimes I
    received it, sometimes not. The times I got it I was happy and
    Not one time anyone has remarked any error or criticized anything.
    Never. This makes me believe I’m doing a good job there, like I’m sure
    everybody would believe re himself in the same situation.

Well, now Ben79’s request surprised me.
I did explain him the reasons, and that I don’t need any help as I’m
willing and happy to maintain the wiki content.
Aside, to create content from scratch is way better than to have to
review and fix other people’s writing (because you will have to, trust
me), with the latter to be often really exhausting and time wasting.
Last but not least, even if I’m far from writing a perfect English, I
know how an Official Documentation must read while people often slip
into more colloquial forms and/or (especially English lang natives)
local way of sayings or even slang, that kind of crap which is not
really proper for Official Docs.

As said, I did explain the reasons but Ben insisted on his point. I
respect the opinion but disagree.
Long story short, I resign from “wiki” content maintainance. It’s a
definitive decision.
Personally I cannot afford such working method, nor I can now just go
ahead like nothing had happened when I realized that someone has the
feeling that I want to dictate rules by my own like a dictator (or “in
control of everything” as I litterally have been accused). That’s not
fair toward anyone, and isn’t going to work.

Feel free to provide patch [cit.]
I’m sure Ben has already some good ideas on how-to manage the wiki affair.


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