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Is it just me?

I wonder if you have considered changing the forum software? It’s horrible. Hard to navigate, over half of what I see is in a language I don’t understand, it just strikes me as an awful choice of software. Makes it hard to wade through everything. Guess that’s why I never spend too much time here.

Just my 2¢


Yes at least a couple of times, and we did indeed.

‘Horrible’ is personal opinion.
For example I find horrible phpbb but I don’t go to phpbb forums just to tell them.

Everything needs a learning curve, the less you use the more you will find whatever ‘horrible’

With regard to languages, non-English native speakers have to deal with foreign language everyday 90% of their web navigation (if they are attending world-wide communities). We just did learn to live with that and make use of online translators.
I can understand that English native speakers are not used to translators, since looks like everything/everyone must bow down to his majesty English language while English speakers never have (and/or want, tbh, imo, besides some rare exception) to make even the smallest effort. Lucky you!

With regard to forum software, Discourse is the most recent and featurized engine ATM. More and more projects -even what we can call them ‘the relatively big’ ones- started to use it and more are joining.
(one example over all that comes to my mind:

I can understand as well nostalgic persons that are reluctant to changements.
That’s not the OpenMandriva way :sunglasses:

Thank you for your contribute.

Guess I should have been more specific. I have a rudimentary knowledge of German but that’s it. My biggest gripe is on the overview most of it is in languages that I do not know. I couldn’t find a way to filter for english. I feel like I’m missing posts. Or, is the forum just not that active?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with other languages but there should be seperate subforums for each one. Like KDE Discuss. When I go there it picks up on my language and the overview is in English topics. They have sections for many other languages listed.

The forum is not that active. OM is regrettably a small distro with a small contributor group.
The Italian and English forums are the most active. The forum home page used to be seperated by Language, I preferred that. The current way is OK if people are multi-lingual and English is one of their languages. I live in Ecuador and I can assure that not everyone here is multi-lingual and if they are it is not assured one of those languages is English. I tend to think the current layout of the forum homepage is limiting and not respectful of non-English speakers.

I use this forum in Firefox browser with Multitranslate plugin. This gives user a choice of using DeepL, Google translate, or Microsoft translate. I prefer DeepL.

The forum itself has libretranslate (I think it is called). To translate a post click on the globe icon underneath the post.

It is slower than using DeepL, and for me does not always work, sometimes giving a 502 error.

If interested I would recommend trying some participation in the more active Italian forum. I learn a lot there myself.

I have gotten used to this forum software by using it. I might prefer something more technicaly oriented but do not know what to reccommend in that regard.

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Cool. Thank you.

Well, not sure to fully agree tbh. From my POV the layout is intended as embracing the inclusiveness principle.

Small explanation of what I mean:
the forum has some main categories (so you can pick the one/s you are interested most, for example, if that’s your case);
there you find sub-categories; they may be covering their main category discussions but languages specific, or sub-categories splitted for convenience depending on the contents.

Maybe you want to have a look at discussions about a given issue/component/package/application/key-word/aso regardless the language. Since you know how to use translators…

[cit.] “Whatever you do, you will do wrong.”
No way to escape…

I would suggest all the major categories should be listed in all forum languages.

Like currently:

Development, Développement, Sviluppo, Desenvolvimento, Desarrollo

Edit: Since we don’t have:


I am having difficulty grasping how listing things in English with English descriptions is more inclusive. Which may be weird as I grew up an English only speaker and today only know a smattering of German and Spanish. (But I’m learning!) My guess is that the European experience with multilingualism is different from most of the rest of the world.