Fork of rtl88x2bu driver for clang

Hello, i forked rtl88x2bu driver GitHub repository with the instructions for clang and openmandriva in it!

  • OpenMandriva Lx version: Rock 5

  • Driver link: RTL88x2BU

  • Hardware supported:
    Dlink: DWA-181, DWA-182, DWA-183 D Version, DWA-185, DWA-T185;
    Asus: AC1300 USB-AC55 B1, ASUS U2, USB-AC53 Nano, USB-AC58;
    Edimax: EW-7822ULC, EW-7822UTC, EW-7822UAD;
    NetGear: A6150;
    TP-Link: Archer T3U, Archer T3U Plus, Archer T3U Nano, Archer T4U V3, Archer T4U Plus;
    TRENDnet: TEW-808UBM;
    ZYXEL: NWD6602;
    and more

  • Reason of using this driver: the current in-kernel rtw8822bu driver is slow and has a maximum download speed of about 1 or 2 MBps, while on rtl88x2bu the maximum download speed is 45 MBps and more.

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