For new homepage - does anyone want to help with a download redirector?

Currently our website relies on Mirmon to allow people to select their closest mirror if it’s up. This has always been a bugbear of mine as the page looks clunky and we get a lot of bounce backs from it.

Ideally, we’d automatically direct a user to the nearest mirror. However, all the software I know of for doing this requires custom Apache mods and Geoip databases in specific formats and various databases and are generally painful.

All we really need is a PHP script that detects the user’s longitude and latitude and directs the visitor to the nearest server. Does anyone want to help me build this?

The only redirector I know until now is MirrorBrain, do you know others?

I’m trying mirrorbrain at the moment…

I tried setting this up but Apache refused to start as soon as I tried to install the Mirrorbrain mod. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the outcome of your trials will be

I meant mirrorbits not mirrorbrain :slight_smile: