FIXED: Heads up on Mirmon (mirror monitor web page)


Just in case any of you check here and notice that it list mirrors as not being updated for many days (currently 16.5) that is incorrect. That is in the column ‘Mirror Age, daily stats’.

What happened as far as I can tell is that some triggers did not get triggered when ABF was moved. So the mirrors did not up date for about 14 days until we noticed the issue and corrected that problem. So now mirrors are updating but there is still a time file that tells the web page when the mirrors were updated that isn’t working or isn’t connected. I believe developers are aware of this and if they are it should get fixed in due time.

So unfortunately the only way we have to be sure mirrors are updating is to keep an eye out for updates. In my case I was using only the US mirror (Index of /openmandriva/) and for now I’m switching to use a different mirror on each different OpenMandriva system. FWIW: Doesn’t matter if you systems are Cooker or Lx 3 if you use one of the mirrors you can help us keep an eye on this until the time file issue gets corrected.

And please do help us keep an eye :eye: on this issue.


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We are thinking that either @fedya or @bero can get this fixed.

mirmon is fixed now, working correctly. Thanks to Infra and Devs that worked on this.
@raphael could perhaps tell us who?

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Thanks Ben, for some reason the timer with the command which updated the TIME file did not work. So I just added this command to rsync mirrors scripts instead.