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Have just installed the latest Rock release KDE. Everything works apart from Videos in Firefox. I’ve looked at various threads in different places about codecs but my system is saying they are already installed. Videos will not play no matter what the source site. Locally installed video files play fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Just for quick check in Firefox I played several youtube videos and they work OK here in Rock/5.0.

Can you provide some examples of videos that do not play for you so we can try to reproduse the problem.

Another thing that would help to problem solve this is to run firefox from terminal (Konsole), try to plays some videos, and post the output here. Please post all of the output in a file.

Edit: A third thing that may produce some useful information is journalctl logs. You can do like this:

$ journalctl -b | grep firefox

and post all of the ourput here.

Thanks for responding. Looks like this was hardware related somehow (Acer Nitro). In the end I reinstalled the system but did not install the NVIDIA drivers this time. Everything appears to be working and videos are playing in Firefox.

Is possible that for some reason Firefox cant fallback video decoding from hardware to software.
You can disable hw decoding in firefox options
or try installing that package sudo dnf install nvidia-vaapi-driver
It should enable hw decoding for nvidia proprietary drivers

Thanks again for your assistance.

Is this the solution that worked for you?

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