Firefox on wayland by default

It would be very nice to flag Firefox so it could run default on wayland instead of xwayland on a wayland session.
That is how it is on OpenSuSE, Fedora, Gentoo, ALTLinux, Rosa Linux…

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In order that OM developers see this request it would be best to file bug report. Select New issue>Enhancement request.

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Sure! Done thing:). Thanks for the hint !

@yusssufff another thought is that you may need to explain better what you mean? If you are using Plasma desktop you have 2 choices that I know of to start the desktop:

  1. startplasma-wayland
  2. startplasma-x11

If you look in /usr/bin you will see those plus startx which is same a startplasma-x11. There is also a startx-pulseaudio-x11 which I know nothing about but I just asked in OpenMandriva Cooker matrix channel. You are welcome to go there and ask developers questions directly if you wish.

Edit: I think it safe to assume that startx-pulseaudio-x11 does not have anything to do with wayland. Also I am not close to expert on this issue, just another user.

Oh what i mean is that on a wayland session (plasma-wayland or gnome-wayland), some apps are run under xwayland (a sort of xorg-wayland translation layer), and some run natively under wayland.
Typically basic system apps (discover, gnome-software…) are running under wayland in a wayland session.
Firefox is able to run under wayland for a while (Firefox Wayland development in 2021 – Martin Stransky's Blog ), and its smoothier, and has better VAAPI support.
But currently OM’s Firefox is defaulting to xwayland instead.

Can you try on wayland session (gnome-wayland or plasma-wayland, wayfire etc,) this command:


This should launch firefox with pure wayland and not a xwayland

@crisb is a Firefox maintainer. Maybe he can you look at it?

ok, package with Wayland support by default and vaapi compiled for cooker and rolling/testing.

Thanks a lot!