Firefox and Thunderbird Locale


I am using 4.2 and have installed Firefox as well as Thunderbird including the language packs firefox-de and thunderbird-de.

Still, after starting the applications, both are presented in English.


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Did you choose the correct language in >settings?

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Of course, it is possible to Download the language pack directly in Firefox (at least), but that’s not the sense of the language pack rpm. It should install the language pack and automatically start the application in the system defined locale.

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I checked this in Cooker (OM Lx development version) and those packages don’t seem to work there either. My computer is normally set to US English. Setting in SystemSettings the Language to Deutsch also does not change lang in FF and TBird. Changing Regional Settings>Format to Deutschland changed the lang in FF but not TBird.

I’ll let our developers know about this. It is helpful if users contact our developers directly on IRC with problems like this. Edit: Reported in OpenMandriva Cooker IRC.

Woops! Forgot my manners.

Welcome @Lioh to OpenMandriva forum. Thanks for reporting the issue.

Thanks. I guess it’s an issue with sideloading.

Current Firefox require special build flags:

FF: --with-unsigned-addon-scopes=app,system --allow-addon-sideload
TB: Rebuilt with “export MOZ_REQUIRE_SIGNING=”

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Bug Report filed on this. Thanks for reporting this issue @Lioh.

The report is Firefox only so far but I will file a seperate report against Thunderbird after testing if I see this issue.

I installed firefox 85.0.1 and firefox-it 85.0.1 but Firefox is still in english.

  • _**OpenMandriva Lx version:**4.2

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…): KDE

Hi @Giorgio,
please could you report the results of the following commands?

rpm -qa | grep firefox
rpm -qa | grep locales

You may try to force locales launching it from terminal:

LC_AL=it_IT firefox

However it looks to me in about:addons tab Languages is not present.

This is know bug. You need download launguage inside from Firefox. Open firefox preferencies and add your language here.

What @AngryPenguin said works. It is not only Italian affected, I see this for German also. So probably all languages.

$ rpm -qa | grep firefox
$ rpm -qa | grep locales


I can survive with Firefox in english. If bug is going to be solved I would wait to check the solution.

To display Web pages in italian if they are accessible in this language

In Preferences page (Edit / Preferences), click on Language button Choose
In the popup:

  • select language to add (Italian),
  • click Add,
  • set prefered Language order,
  • click Ok

Leave Firefox

To display menus, … in italian

Launch System settings
In Personalization / Regional settings / Language

  • Add language italiano,
  • set prefered Language order,
  • Apply

Start a new session
Start Firefox, goto Preferences page and select Italian Language

It should work!

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Is there a bug report?
If not I can open one.

Thanks for reporting this. I filed a bug report against Firefox here. Feel free to add to it if you see any reason to.

Bug report for Thunderbird here.