Firefox 67 and openmandriva LX 4.0

Hi some have issue with upgrade to firefox 67?

Its works nice with:

  Running scriptlet: lib64gtk-modules3.0-3.24.8-1.x86_64                                                                           24/24 
  Verifying        : firefox-67.0-1.i686                                                                                            1/24 
  Verifying        : firefox-nb_NO-67.0-1.noarch                                                                                    2/24 
  Verifying        : lib64gtk-modules3.0-3.24.8-1.x86_64                                                                            3/24 
  Verifying        : libatk-bridge2.0_0-2.32.0-1.i686                                                                               4/24 
  Verifying        : libatspi0-1:2.32.1-1.i686                                                                                      5/24 
  Verifying        : libcairo-gobject2-1.16.0-1.i686                                                                                6/24 
  Verifying        : libepoxy0-1.5.3-4.i686                                                                                         7/24 
  Verifying        : libevent2.1_6-2.1.8-3.i686                                                                                     8/24 
  Verifying        : libgdk3_0-3.24.8-1.i686                                                                                        9/24 
  Verifying        : libgthread2.0_0-1:2.60.2-1.i686                                                                               10/24 
  Verifying        : libgtk3_0-3.24.8-1.i686                                                                                       11/24 
  Verifying        : libicudata63-1:63.1-1.i686                                                                                    12/24 
  Verifying        : libicui18n63-1:63.1-1.i686                                                                                    13/24 
  Verifying        : libicuuc63-1:63.1-1.i686                                                                                      14/24 
  Verifying        : libnspr4-4.21-1.i686                                                                                          15/24 
  Verifying        : libnss3-1:3.44-1.i686                                                                                         16/24 
  Verifying        : libproxy1-0.4.15-6.i686                                                                                       17/24 
  Verifying        : libsqlite3_0-3.28.0-1.i686                                                                                    18/24 
  Verifying        : libstartup-notification-1_0-0.12-20.i686                                                                      19/24 
  Verifying        : libwayland-cursor0-1.17.0-1.i686                                                                              20/24 
  Verifying        : libwayland-egl1-1:1.17.0-1.i686                                                                               21/24 
  Verifying        : libxcb-util1-0.4.0-6.i686                                                                                     22/24 
  Verifying        : libxkbcommon0-0.8.4-1.i686                                                                                    23/24 
  Verifying        : libxt6-1.1.5-6.i686 

But its will not start on 86-x64 system.

but i get Last metadata expiration check: 0:04:39 ago on Thu 23 May 2019 08:00:56 PM CEST.
No match for argument: firefox-67.0-1.x86-64
Unable to find a match: firefox-67.0-1.x86-64

What issues? And what did you before you got whatever issues? Last time I looked we don’t have firefox-67 for x86_64.

Do you know that all OM developers are part time volunteers? There are no paid employees. Believe it or not there are more important things in developing OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 than the latest version of Firefox. We do usually get updated versions fairly soon.

Problem: package firefox-nb_NO-67.0-1.noarch requires firefox = 67.0, but none of the providers can be installed
  - cannot install the best candidate for the job
  - firefox-67.0-1.i686 has inferior architecture
(try to add '--skip-broken' to skip uninstallable packages or '--nobest' to use not only best candidate packages)

after i do dnf upgrade, i must shipping this update?
So its something wrong? Why upgrade from x86/64 to i686?

Why did you not use: e.g Directory Listing: /pub/firefox/releases/67.0/linux-x86_64/nb-NO/
Or mozilla repos so its did not need to update this manualy?

Because you have “enabled” i686 repository.
Firefox 67.0 is done for i686 and znver1 but build failed for x86_64 thats why you cant install it (yet).
This should be fixed soon (when maintainer crisb have some free time).
Stay tuned.

Firefox 67 available. Closing topic.