Firefox 56 available for testing

New version of Firefox available for testing. Language packages are also in main-testing.

This version has some big changes in that code in now written in Rust programming language. This required a massive amount of work by @TPG and @Colin to achieve this upgrade.

Thanks to @TPG and @Colin for getting this done.

Report any issues in this thread.


I changed the title to reflect that the new Chromium package has been moved to main-updates and is available to the public now. It is only Firefox 56.0.1 (and it’s language packages) that is available in main-testing repo.

Hi Ben, Firefox for i586 should be around tonight I just seen that TPG has fixed the problem so it should be available sometime tomorrow morning.

It’s like it is working fine here! :smile:

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Package in now in main-updates and is a part of users regular update.