Falkon and Quassel broken in Rolling (libQt5WebEngineCore)

Easy to explain:

$ falkon
falkon: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/libQt5WebEngineCore.so.5: undefined symbol: _ZN3icu13UnicodeString8moveFromERS0_

$ quassel
quassel: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/libQt5WebEngineCore.so.5: undefined symbol: _ZN3icu13UnicodeString8moveFromERS0_

I suspect KmyMoney would not work either. the Qt5WebEngineCore lib package probably needs rebuilding if it is not already in progress.

Post-edit: I have testing repos enabled and I did not check to see if this was a package in testing or not. But I think it was not. I think Qt5WebEngine has only been updated in Cooker or something like that.

Is this caused by these packages?

 lib64icudata64                           x86_64               1:64.2-1                    rolling-testing-x86_64               9.0 k
     replacing  lib64icudata63.x86_64 1:63.1-1
 lib64icui18n64                           x86_64               1:64.2-1                    rolling-testing-x86_64               831 k
     replacing  lib64icui18n63.x86_64 1:63.1-1
 lib64icuuc64                             x86_64               1:64.2-1                    rolling-testing-x86_64               579 k
     replacing  lib64icuuc63.x86_64 1:63.1-1

These should be fixed with the upgrade to Qt 5.13 and KF 5.59