Falkon 3.1 against Mozilla?


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Hello OpenMandrivas! Unfortunaly I’d real troubles with my browser Falkon 3.1 after tried update it to 3.2.0 version and install Mozilla Firefox. Before, as you could will confirm thru the attached file, I lost my KDE Discover to automatic or manual updates…
So please could you help me to give me back to navigation?


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OMLx 4.2 is EOL. Please upgrade to current version of OMLx. For individual user ROME is a better choice. Rock/4.3 is more suited for server or business use or for people that do not like change. EOL means End of Life, no new packages. If one files a bug report against 4.2 developers are going to first request that user upgrade to current system.

You are welcome to contact developers directly at OpenMandriva Chat.

I just posted a question about the following at OpenMandriva Chat. The error message looks like you have networkmanager-openvpn installed more than once.

To determine this you can open Konsole and copy and paste this command:

$ LC_ALL=C rpm -qa | grep networkmanager-openvpn

Post the command you used and all ouput here as code using the </> icon in the window where you reply.

Note: LC_ALL=C post the ouput in English making the output easier for other folks to understand in an English forum.

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