Errors installing apps in 4.2 Rolling, with zen

After installing lutris, when trying to run it is say it needs vulkan x64 support installed.
When using dnfdragora it does not show vulkan x64 support as an option.

When trying to install steam I get the following error:

[’\n Problem: package steam- requires gdk-pixbuf2.0(x86-32), but none of the providers can be installed\n - gdk-pixbuf2.0-2.40.0-1.i686 has inferior architecture\n - conflicting requests’]

I am on 4.2 with zen Rolling.

Thanks for the information. We are in progress of fixing rolling. Please wait for a official announcement.

I think the issue is with the ryzen version. When installing apps i get errors compl
aining of multiple repos, and conflicts.

Should problems persist it is easier for us to help you if you post any error you get along with description or what you were trying to do. You can post screen shots and .txt files with the upload arrow in the box where you write your post. Also the </> icon next to the upload arrow is for posting code.