Error Message Installing UnixTree Package From RPM File

H! everyone:
I’m trying to install UnixTree-3.0.4-1_amd64.rpm

This is the output from clicking on the RPM download file in Dolphin:
Error message:
“Internal error: Error running transaction: file /usr/local from install of UnixTree-3.0-4.x86_64 conflicts with file from package filesystem-4.4-2.x86_64”

Here is the console log attempt:

Any suggestions?

This was passed along to folks at OpenMandriva Cooker channel on OpenMandriva Chat. You are welcome there if you would like to talk to them directly.

That package is broken – it pretends to own /usr/local and /usr/local/bin, which are correctly owned by the filesystem package.

Thanks, Ben.
I appreciate your help, as always.
:sunglasses: :+1:
I’ll check them out.

You might want to make a package request to have that packaged for OMLx. Click on New Issue then Package request.

Hi Bero.
Thanks for the reply.

I don’t know if you or anyone here has ever used the original “Xtree Pro Gold”, a DOS file management program from Symantec, but I did and thought it was invaluable… I’ve never found anything I liked anywhere near as well, let alone better.

I’ve been looking for years for a Linux/Unix equivalent… found several semi-close attempts, but no cigar.

UnixTree (originally “XTree for Unix Systems” introduced in 1991) showed great promise, but alas, development was abandoned in 2005…
…until I recently discovered it has been picked up again after 16 years in stasis.

I’d REALLY like to get this to load and try it out.
Can you suggest anything I could do to be able to get this to work?

Thanks again for your help.

UnixTree 3.0.4-1 for amd64 (Xtree clone for Linux/Unix)
Thanks, Ben!

the rpm they provide is inherently broken, but the application seems to work if built properly.
I’ve added a package to cooker, where you can just dnf install unixtree now.

Thank you, Bero.

I take it entering:
> sudo dnf --refresh install unixtree
in Konsole will also work?

Is there anything else I must do prior to that?

Bero (et al):

Checking my Rome system, (as I haven’t added the Cooker repository) of course, Konsole response is:

OpenMandriva Rolling - znver1
No match for argument: unixtree
Error: Unable to find a match: unixtree

I recall that the OM Wiki Release Notes page advises against this:

Do not mix the repositories from different release versions/update channels.
This means, as an example, do not use Cooker repositories on a ROME system.

I am not familiar enough with these systems to feel comfortable disregarding such a warning, so I wanted to double check with you first.

Are you recommending that I permanently add the Cooker repository to my Rome system?

Or maybe temporarily, only long enough to install UnixTree, and then remove the repository… would that possibly have adverse consequences?

I am willing to set up an entirely separate installation using Cooker repositories for testing purposes anyway, for curiosity’s sake…
…but how would I eventually be able to use UnixTree on the Rome system?.. wait for inclusion in a future release?

I’m interested, but have not been involved to this level previously…
…and I can mess things up easily enough without making preventable major blunders!

Please advise.


Please try again now.

No, never.
You could temporarily enable cooker repos for one transaction but only if we tell you can (after we have tested it before) to be safe. In such case we’ll provide commands.


Wise decision :+1:
Evergreen advice: If you (anyone) feel uncertain, do nothing, stop and ask. We’ll be glad to answer.

So far, so good!
Konsole confirms UnixTree installation success, but can I use the same update command from Rome on Cooker system, or is there a different command sequence?

sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf --allowerasing distro-sync

Updated both Rome & Cooker using the Rome command string, then installed via CLI to both successfully (per Konsole, anyway) looked in the program application launcher under system, utilities, multimedia, office, and graphics, as well as dnfdragora:
not there.
Updated both systems again… still not there.

What are we doing differently?


You need to use KDE Menu Editor and create an entry whereever you want it to be. On English lang system KDE Menu Editor is under System as Menu Editor in the Application Launcher.

Thanks, Ben.
I’ll check into this.

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