Easiest way to format USB drive?

What would be the easiest way for a non tech savvy OpenMandriva user to format USB flash drives in OM Lx 3? I’m asking this in order to, I hope, better help such users on our forum.

Do we have a handy GUI utility for this like some Linux distros (and Windows) have? I’ve been using KDE Partition Manager but non tech savvy users may find that to be “scary” or otherwise intimidating. It would seem handy if ROSA image writer had this ability but it doesn’t nor does it refer user to an application that can format an unformatted flash drive. That seems oddly not customer focused for the ROSA engineers as at one time they rather emphasized customer focus (IMHO).

Also I am aware that this is easily done with command line or diskdrake as well just wonder what is considered easiest for non-tech-savvy users.

And as I think about this maybe I’m wrong as I can’ recall anything in Linux that does this simpler than KDE Partition Editor, GParted, Diskdrake, etc. I guess what I’m wishing for is something that device notifier will automatically refer user to as soon as they plug in an unformatted drive. And any of the partition editors would work as long as device notifier was written to recognize unformatted drive and refer user to such an editor. So maybe this is a request to made upstream at kde.org?

It’s called ‘quick-usb-formatter’ and is apparently installed in Lx 3 by default. But it doesn’t work. Wonder if it is an old KDE4 package? Or do we need a bug report?

Edit: Duh, Ben79, it is a KDE4 package. Wish we had one in Plasma5 that worked.

I didn’t try it just launch it without problems. Isn’t it able to format a usb drive?
A few releases ago (OMV 2013?) I used the liveusb-creator, a fedora package for creating a bootable usb …

ROSA ImageWriter is our default tool, which provides a “Clear” button supposed to fulfill this particular task.

How to «restore» flash disks after writing?

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I’m aware of the clear button which erases the flash drive and then it pops up a dialog box telling you that you need to format the flash drive. It least that’s how it works here.

Ok :slight_smile:
I was replying to @adelson.oliveira on the subject of liveusb-creator that he mentioned. Never used btw, instead I’m using ROSA ImageWriter since its creation and frankly I’m very happy with this tool…

Afaik, the modern storage devices don’t need to be formatted before using, unless of course you want to change the filesystem for whatever your own reason. For me ntfs filesystem works always fine as it’s recognized by Windows and Linux and can deal with 4GB+ files.

That said, at mandriva time diskdrake for me worked very well too.