DWA-182 rev. C1 network USB adapter


I’m trying to install D-link DWA-182 rev. C1 usb network adapter in OpenMandriva Lx 4.1. The desktop environmet is KDE.
The adapter has a Realtek 8812AU chipset. It is not detected by the OS. Does anyone know a way to install it? Is there a precompiled rpm to it?

Thanks in advance

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I’ve manage to install the dongle by just following the instructions in Github’s gordboy page about rtl8812au module compilation.
I think this topic may be regarded as closed.

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Welcome @Renato_A

@Renato_A glad you found a solution.

General information for all OpenMandriva users. wifi drivers are generally kernel modules these days. You can find what your current kernel has available by opening Konsole and running this command:

$ ls -lh /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/net/wireless

And sometimes you do need to “look around” for instance in this case for Realtek the various drivers are in as I recall 4 different sub-directories.

If you don’t see your driver listed then it is time to do internet search for “Linux <My_Wifi_driver>”. And in that case of course you will have to install it yourself as @Renato_A did here.