now we have 4 ways 3 ways to donate to OpenMandriva: Liberapay, Paypal (EUR only), direct transfer and I’ve just added Brave BAT (not anymore, see below).

I think I’ll add Bitcoin and maybe Ethereum. Do you see any other cryptocurrency worth to be added?

Donate page has been updated.

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Donations are a little more complicated than it seems, I had to remove Brave Payments because they’re linked to which can’t link to an organization account, and they ask me to link my own account (and transfer to the asso account afterwhile if needed).

I don’t want to link my own account both for practical and ethical reasons.

BTW thanks a lot to a donor that gives us €4.40/week for 6 weeks until now.:tada::fireworks:

The donation is anonymous, so I don’t know who gave us, but if s/he’d like to be thanked (in our - still work in progress - “Thank you Wall”) please email us to the address mentioned here.

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