Does Calamares support lvm2 volumes?

I’d like to install omv on a lvm2 volume containing a working 2014.2. Of course I’d like to format only the root partition into the volume and not the /home but I can’t find the way to. Does calamares support this?

I don’t know about lvm2 support but did find this(dated June 30, 2016):

To use separate / and /home partitions is easy just use ‘Manual Partitioning’. One can format one and not the other if so desired.

You may wish to use Google and see if you can find out more or ask question of Calamares developers. Remember the squeaky wheel gets greased. Here is their website:

Thank you for your answer.

I’d only like to know it is a fault of mine or some other user succeeded it but maybe nobody tried yet so … I’ll start to squeak ;).

Calamares does have summport for LVM2 and LUKS systems. Please provide detailed log from installation, because nobody is goind to fix anything based on no real data.

I don’t know what kind of log I could provide. Please tell me.

Simply I can’t find the way to create an LVM2 volume and then create partitions inside with Calamares.

Here I created a New partition table with one LVM volume

Then I can’t find a how to to create partitions inside:

Clicking on ‘Edit’ here it comes back to the preceding window.

Sorry i was not precise. Calamares can do the installation on already existing LVM2 volume, so first you have to create it with CLI command line or different graphic tool.

Calamares uses partitionmanager and kpmcore as a backend to manage disks and partitions. These two piece of software are under heavily development, and LVM2 support in on upstream roadmap.

Hi @TPG,
thanks for your interest.

I created LVM volume a volume group and logical volumes inside from the tty

I also formatted the volumes.
At this point Calamares recognises the LVM group (after a reboot) but it can’t still access to the volumes to set the mount point