Dnfdragora and proxy

I’m using my notebook at work where I can connect to a network with proxy. I’m not able to find any setting regarding proxy in dnfdragora gui and proxy settings in systemsettings don’t affect dnfdragora.
Is there a way to install or update packages using a network with proxy?

It is interesting. I kindly ask developers in how to do this. However, as example, Synaptic Package Manager can config this simply by doing Settings > Network > enable proxy with username & password > OK. Thanks in advance. @rugyada @ben79 @TPG

If you want to ask developers it works much better/faster to go where developers are. Here or at #openmandriva (user channel), or #openmandriva-cooker (developer channel), the channels are @ Freenode IRC. If you ask at #openmandriva someone will respond when they are around and have time so you need to be patient. Developers are unpaid, part-time, volunteers as are all OM contributors.

The original post in this thread was June 5, 2019 and so far no devs have responded. That is why I keep encouraging users to go where the developers are with technical questions.

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