Different repositories, different updates

It is somewhat strange that some repositories that are up to date with respect to some packages are also outdated with respect to others.

For example,

I have installed the package,


but its version at the repository from which I got the last updates for lib64pcre is just,


Doesn’t it create problems with interdependency of packages?

Is there a “most updated repository”?


That is a very good question and maybe indicates an error or a big problem. There’s this:


I thought http://abf-downloads.openmandriva.org/ was the source from which all others were updated but there I’m showing ‘dkms-bbswitch-0.8-2-omv2015.0.noarch’ . So from where did you get 'dkms-bbswitch-0.8-3-omv2015.0.noarch"? I haven’t found it anywhere yet even in testing repos.

OT: What? No mirror in Italy?

Try this,


or this,


Note that the version at main/release is “more updated” than the one at main/updates!

Very strange.

You could try with enabling both main/updates and main/release repositories for updates.
Look in mcc > configure media sources.

Sent the request for mirror at GARR some time ago, but no lucky yet :disappointed:

Note also the dates. 0.8-3 in release from 5/20/16 while 0.8-2 in updates from 1/2/17. There is clearly a newer version number in main-release than in main-updates which is a problem. It’s a bug should be reported in bug report.

Edit: today I’m seeing the 0.8-3 version in main-release in abf-downloads as well as in a few other mirrors I’ve checked. Not what I thought I saw yesterday. It still looks like a bug to me.

Edit: I no longer think a bug report is needed or is best use of limited resources. Package has been updated.

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OK new update. TPG has upgraded dkms-bbswitch to -4 version which should take care of the package naming issue. Also maybe don’t need bug report after all. Trying to track down why this happened would be time consuming and maybe impossible in a community, all volunteer organization. ie. not best use of resources.

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