Developer Tools (build-essential equivalent)

What is the OpenMandriva equivalent for build-essential on Ubuntu?

I searched the forum and I could not find an answer. Thanks in advance!

What is build essential? What does it do? You probably will get a better answer asking OM developers at OpenMandriva Chat.

Thanks, Ben. I will do that. :grinning:

I think it is kernel-desktop-devel + kernel-headers

@rugyada Ok. @bero mentioned something about task-devel in chat also. I should be able to get it done with both of your inputs. Thanks!

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@miltonsj Well, you did not mention what you need the equivalent of build-essential for.
At the time I searched the equivalent of our above mentioned packages (quite the contrary) if I good remember I found that it was build-essential

I edited the topic title to make it more precise.

Sorry about that. I am trying to compile the drivers for my ASUS Wireless USB adapter. The source code needs the development tools for OM to be able to run make and install the drivers. Thanks for editing the post title.

Out of interest, will the default kernel devel be able to compile something which expects GCC? Or do you have to install the GCC kernel and its devel package specifically?

If I remember correctly I think task-devel includes gcc.

I am not a developer but I don’t think what kernel you are using matters for this. Also task-devel and kernel-devel are entirely separate things.

task-devel would install packages needed for development tasks like building packages. I believe it would install the “Requires” and their dependencies listed here.

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