Couldn't install OpenMandriva Lx

I was excited to read about the OpenMadriva in Distowatch. I downloaded the installation in Windows (a sin) and put it on a usb 3.0 stick using Rufus. But it won’t boot. I have installed Fedora and Kubuntu without hitch using this method.

Would you try with ROSA ImageWriter instead ?

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FWIW: I have successfully used SUSE Studio Imagewriter to burn OpenMandriva and other .iso’s as well.

I was able to install with ROSA ImageWRiter!

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Outstanding! My understanding is that Rufus changes (shortens) file names or something like that causing Linux installs to fail.

Please read our wiki here

Please do not use other usb-writing tools as some Windows tools (e.g. Rufus) truncate the volume name. This breaks the boot process.