Could be better

Nothing that we were not aware of, or that have not already been reported as bug.

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Right, could have been worse :wink:

I’d rather worry more of

Usually I enjoy using OpenMandriva as it tends to have a newcomer friendly approach and a great Control Centre. This time around though the distribution performed too slowly to be practical for me to use and introduced too many bugs for me to consider version 3.0 beginner friendly.

beginners should feel free to provide patches :smile:


It is interesting to compare our Plasma5 to other distros. In my case I compare ours to openSUSE Leap 42.1. There are notable differences. One is quite a bit buggier than the other. :innocent:

Does anyone have similar comparison with other distros Plasma5? :grimacing:

It behaves quite well now compared to Kubuntu Xenial :relieved:

Without saying which does better twixt openSUSE 42.1 and OM Lx 3.0 I should point out that it is an unfair comparison. We have, what, 2-3 people actually fixing things on a developer level. Obviously SUSE has vastly more resources. So would Kubuntu I suppose.

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I suppose too. Globally, we’re not bad :blush:

Don’t agree, we could be better. Currently I’m very frustrated that there isn’t much effort on solving users problems with Plasma5 desktop. Users are helping other users but many problems need more knowledgeable help.


It’s true, activity is very low after a new release. I meant that globally we’re not too bad, but there really lacks some manpower to help fixing bugs.

Do you have an idea of all long running bugs that could be gathered somewhere?

I can do that. Will try to have a list before next TC meeting.

Great :slight_smile:

(aside, just noticed the desktop notification of discourse is awesome)

Raphael, another part of the problem is simply publication of bugs. If anyone recalls we used to be able to sign up for om-qa-alerts and be notified of every new bug. That no longer exists or is broken. Also we used to publish every new bug to OM-Cooker ML, that no longer exists. Developers did say how much they liked that.

I still have an account with om-qa-alerts but I never ever get an e-mail from our bugzilla through om-qa-alerts. I have to go manually through the list one by one to inform myself of new bugs which I don’t like. And developers simply aren’t going to do that.

OK, frustration is coming out. I must be healing physically…:grinning:

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That’s right, apparently it may help developers if we migrate our issues management to Github; of course your income is more than welcome :innocent:

Agree. We did sort of miracle considering the amount of resources available.
Just think what we could do if we had more of them.

Our big passion is our plus, the added value.
Too bad that sometimes looks like kind of “wasted”, instead of take advantage of it.

I think that the problem is:
why we have only 2-3 persons that correct bugs?

why we are not able to attract new developers?
with clang they had to get dozens of new and willing developers, but where are they?

I, for example, rather than working with tpg, help mageia :wink:

@luca you could have earned a :heart: from me, but last sentence prevented :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

maybe I was a bit direct, but the concept is that.

why we only have 2-3 developers?
I’m tired of this excuse of lack of manpower.

if you do not solve this problem it is useless to change anything else.

Lack of manpower is an effect, not a cause.

Imo it could be wise to be ready to find a different way if one -whatever- results not working.
Fix the [not only technical] issues at the root of the problem.