Cooker x86_64 system in VBox plasma desktop crash

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It is an x86_64 Cooker system kept up to date with “dnf --allowerasing distro-syc”.

System boots to sddm login just fine. When logging in to plasma desktop the system displays desktop momentarily and then goes to black screen with mouse cursor. The issue started approx. a week ago. As I recall the issue started before the aborted mass rebuild in Cooker x86_64 happened. (Not 100% positive of that though.)

If I am fast enough I will see these errors displayed graphically before VBox/plasmashell craps out:

VBox errors: VBoxClient: Failed to get display change request, rc=VERR_ACCESS_DENIED…

VBox errors: VBoxClient: Failed to register resizing support, rc=VERR_INVALID_FUNCTION…

journalctl -b log: Cooker/VBox-broken-plasmashell -

xorg-session.log: xorg-session.log-broken-plasmashell -

VBox.log: VBox.log-broken-plasmashell -

Let me know if any other logs or info is needed or tests to be done.

Host system for those log files is an up to date Cooker system.

$ uname -a
Linux ben-cooker-zen 5.7.0-desktop-0.rc7.1omv4002 #1 SMP Tue May 26 16:55:02 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Have also tried with kernel 5.6.14, 5.6.13, and 5.6.12.

Should add to this report that it is believed that this issue is most likely be fixed by a mass rebuild in Cooker. This view is based on what is in the logs.

There have been a lot of package groups upgraded in getting ready for Lx 4.2 Alpha such that a mass rebuild is needed and will be happening very soon. So we await that before going further on this issue.

I just wanted to get the issue documented in writing in advance just in case mass rebuild does not fix this.

Two other theories of this are that it may be caused by changes Oracle devs made in most recent VirtualBox package (6.1.8). The new package was added to Cooker shortly before this issue. Or maybe there are some changes KDE devs made in most recent plasma 5.18.90 desktop packages. So we shall see as time marches on.

There have been some changes in the status of this issue. 2 or 3 other users on IRC have reported same issue.

For me today with fully disto-synced Cooker host and Cooker x86_64 guest the problem is now intermittent not always. Typically when I first boot and login to plasma desktop does not work. Then if I restart sddm sometimes plasma desktop works/does not crash. Other times plasma desktop starts very briefly and then crashes.

Intermittent plasma desktop crash VBox x86_64

Fixed with virtualbox-6.1.12-5.

Closing thread.