[cooker] When we package nVidia driver for Lx 4 could we?

I would imagine we will be packaging at least the nvida current (short lived?) driver for OM Lx 4. So that caused me to wonder if we could create a warning for the nvida package when user installs it. Thinking out loud so to speak here but something like:

"Installing 3rd party software involves implied user responsibility. nVida proprietary drivers are kernel specific so the the driver package must match the kernel you are using. If a new kernel is installed and the corresponding nvidia driver package is not installed at the same time user won't be able to use proprietary driver with that kernel until the new nvida driver is available. It is the users responsibility to pay attention to this. However user may continue to use the previous kernel until the new nvida driver for the new kernel is available."

And the warning of course would require user to select OK, or Accept, or something like that before installing the package.


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FWIW: Looking for *how* to do this I came across this:


but we don't have this that I can find.

I'm hoping someone else here can direct me to some application/applications that can do this?

Or is this something we turn over to our outstanding artwork department?