[cooker] Updated bug report list

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Hello folks,

There is a catch all bug report for bugs we need to fix before releasing Lx 4.2.

QA: Bugs to be fixed for 4.2

List current as of 2020-08-28 I checked back to 2020-01-01.

Broken PulseAudio 13.99.2 on Realtek ALC888 (Cooker)
pdfviewer cannot start due to error in libQt5Pdf.so.5 (Lx 4.1) TeX Live: broken tlpkg / texlive.post: installing texlive-babel breaks the use of LaTeX (Lx 4.1) Chromium-browser-stable and Falkon do not work on video wbsites like YouTube (Cooker) PrintScreen button not working (Cooker) om-welcome is not localized (Cooker) om-repo-picker is not localized (Cooker) Restore entries in GRUB screen (May be fixed in Git) (Cooker) Firewall module in systemsettings does not display correct (Cooker) User has to enter password twice for wifi (Plasma-NM applet broken?) (Is this fixed?) (Cooker) Package request for broadcom-wl. (User request) (Cooker) openCPN coredump/segfault (Lx 4.1) [Package Request] QGIS (Lx 4.1) Login sound not played (or not correctly) Plasma 5.19.3, KF 5.72.0 (Cooker) (Upstream) Change to mount point in KDE Partition Manager are not written to /etc/fstab (ALL OM Lx versions) (Upstream) Upgrade one branch kernel to another branch kernel of same version number fails. (Cooker) grub2-editor (kcm_grub2) “Failed to save GRUB settings.” DBus backend error. (Cooker) (But affects all OM Lx versions) Samba works not (Cooker) (This one I’m not sure of, I don’t use or know samba myself)


These I can’t tell if they are valid bug reports or not. Partly because I don’t understand OP’s writing.

Inkscape / Pango puke by every command his version… what had they eat ??
NFS don’t automount by Systemstart

These need to be checked by a developer or otherwise more knowledgeable person:

OMLx 4.1 bugs:

Invesalius missing dependencies (Lx 4.1)
Kdenlive always segfaults on exit/close (Lx 4.1) (Though I think this applies to all version of OM Lx) freecad don’t install (Lx 4.1) Blender don’t start (Lx 4.1) amule crashes (Lx 4.1) frescobaldi don’t start (Lx 4.1)