[cooker] Update to LibreOffice 6.3


Libreoffice comes with its usual improvements, but I think we (we as a group, of course I know I’m not directly in «we» :wink: ) should try to provide the release 6.3 because of the improvement of the compatibility with KDE/Plasma 5: LibreOffice 6.3: Release Notes - The Document Foundation Wiki

This inlcudes, but is not limited to (quoting):

  • better integration of extensions by eliminating most of multi-threading and deadlock problems
  • OpenGL support
  • better drag’n’drop support, including external drag’n’drop from file manager
  • improved rendering of slides and slideshows with multimedia content in Impress
  • support for typing with input method editor (IME)
  • miscellaneous improvements of native menu bar
    Note that there will be no 32bits version of Libreoffice 6.3 produced by TDF (6.2 was the last). Maybe a reason more to drop x86?

we've had 6.3 in cooker for about 2 weeks -- so this is already done...

And while they don't build 32bit binaries, the source builds there just fine.


OK, I did not see mention of 6.3 here GitHub - OpenMandrivaAssociation/libreoffice