[cooker] Update on most recent bug reports (2020-08-28)

Hello folks,

These are bugs filed at issues.openmandriva.org aka our Bugzilla against various versions of OM Lx mostly against Cooker.
This is *most* of the recent bugs but not all, There will be some package request or "difficult to understand/filed by *special* user" bugs not listed here.

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This is interesting. The above post is only part (small most insignificant part of what I sent in my e-mail).

This is the missed part:

List current as of 2020-08-28 I checked back to 2020-01-01.

User has to enter password twice for wifi (Plasma-NM applet broken?)

Package request for broadcom-wl. (User request)

openCPN coredump/segfault

[Package Request] QGIS

Cooker Host: VirtualBox 6.1.12 VM’s do not start

VBox plasma desktop crash (virtualbox-guest-additions)

Login sound not played (or not correctly) Plasma 5.19.3, KF 5.72.0

Change to mount point in KDE Partition Manager are not written to /etc/fstab (ALL OM Lx versions)

Upgrade one branch kernel to another branch kernel of same version number fails.

grub2-editor (kcm_grub2) “Failed to save GRUB settings.” DBus backend error. (ALL OM Lx versions)

Issues when creating issues in bugzilla

Samba works not
2609 – Samba works not (This one I’m not sure of, I don’t use or know samba myself)

Post-edit: I think the lower part of my e-mail did not render here because there was a hash line (#######).

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