[cooker] TC Meeting today 13-03-2019: 17:00 CEST 16:00 GMT

Hi All,
There will be a TC meeting at the usual time today.
Here is a provisional agenda.
I will be unable to chair the meeting. I am moving to Devon next Tuesday and
as you can imagine things are a little busy.
I will not be available next Wednesday 20th March this is the day when the
removals men will be delivering out belongings!!
I hope Bero or Ben will chair I hope to be back in the seat the following week
if intenet connection permits.
I have put an item on the agenda which may provide some interesting debate.
Here's a bit of background.
I have been working on our python stack recently in order to provide the
necessary packages to support pgadmin4 the workbench tool for postgresql.
This tool relies heavily on python-flask for it's web interface for which we
do not have the necessary packages.
I have started to create the necessary packages to satisfy the dependencies
and this has led to a never ending list of dependencies on packages we don't
A typical example of the problem is that the work involved updating python-
setuptools which while an existing package it was not new enough to compile
python-pytest (needed dep) To do just this small job I have created four new
packages so far (I'm not finished) in order to satisfy the upgrade. So far
fortunately these packages have no deps of their own.
If I could have been able to work with pip in a virtual environment that
contained a specfile generator then it would in theory be possible to generate
the specfiles in one go as pip's dep generator would have fetched them.
There are already programs that generate spec files from python packages
(py2rpm) If this were to be combined with pip and a virtual env it may be
possible to ease the creation of python packages.
It may even be possibe to generate automatic package upgrades.
Is i this or something like it a pratical proposition?

1. Report: ABF, cooker
2. Lx4 beta Release issues/progress....
3 Should we hack python pip to help us build quick and easy python rpms.
4: AIB
5: LxQt iso
6.: AOB


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I may not make it to meeting.

AIB for 2019-03-13

    These 2 it seems should be closed one way or the other.

    Akonadi fails to create sockets for db comms due to missing


    Add icewm to ISO packages list

These 2 bugs remain from last week. New: lilypond will not install
wxgtk2.8 need rebuild
26 open Cooker bugs, 5 are package update requests, another 5
are requests for new packages.