[cooker] TC Meeting 31-07-2019 17:00 CEST 16:00 GMT


1. Working as a group
2. If there will be enough time, the most urgent or important items
from previous agenda

Agenda updated:

1. Working as a group
2. Getting off github
If there will be enough time, the most urgent or important items
from previous agenda

Full log:

Actions and Shares:
-- We will explore using OM Bugzilla for Kanban or similar board for
"To Do" and other lists and for tracking progress of "To Do" and other

-- Github will not be used for reporting bugs, issue tracking, or any
kind of Official lists

-- We will continue to discuss some method of enforcing that people
all use TC-Meeting for decisions and that written policy is followed.
This written policy:
Policies/Repository Policies - Wiki [en] OpenMandriva and any
additional policy we agree upon in TC-Meeting and publish in OM wiki

-- TC-Meetings will remain the Official place for decision making for
OM the distro. Discussion of issues to take place both in TC-Meetings
and on Cooker ML but decisions are not Official until so stated in

-- OM Bugzilla will continure to be used for ALL bug reporting and
issue tracking

-- OM will leave or otherwise free ourselves from dependence on github
as soon as we feasibly can do so


bzkanban installed. See example here:


Also Gitlab installed. I used the import tools to get existing issues from github and see how it would look like. See here as an example:


In addition to the products above, I also installed, for testing purpose, Gitea here:


And Redmine here



For Project Management this one looks like it may be the best. But it seems a bit tied to Github.

bzkanban is useful for tracking bugs in bugzilla. Don’t know if it is best solution for project tracker.

Gitlab and Gitea both look about equally interesting. Redmine struck me as less interesting.

Either Gitlab or Gitea might be a reasonable replacement for Github. But I think developers should have a more say in that. And then we would use the one we pick as tracker for To Do lists.

Don’t know if Gitlab or Gitea might be a good alternative both to replace github and for Project Management? Might be easier for people to evaluate if we narrowed to these 2 or is it to soon for that?